About Us

 We are dedicated to promoting and supporting the growth of locally-owned and operated manufacturing businesses.

Our Mission is to Foster economic development and self-sufficiency in Indigenous communities by creating pathways for sustainable and equitable manufacturing practices.                                                                         

By Promoting the development of Locally-owned Manufacturing Businesses, we aim to create jobs, generate wealth, and provide a source of pride and self determination for Indigenous peoples. 

We offer expert advice on everything from Business Planning and Market Research to Product Design and distribution.

“Join us today and together we can build a brighter future for Indigenous Manufacturing.”

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Our Expertise

Our expertise in indigenisation involves helping countries and organizations develop locally produced and owned technology. We have extensive experience in promoting self-reliance, fostering economic growth, and enhancing national security through the implementation of indigenisation strategies.


EXPERIENCE indigenisation

We have extensive experience in promoting and developing locally produced and owned technology through the implementation of indigenisation strategies. Our team has worked with a variety of clients, including government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and private enterprises, to help them reduce their reliance on foreign technology and promote economic growth and national security.

Our experience in indigenisation covers a range of facets, including local innovation, manufacturing, intellectual property, education and training, and policy and regulation. We have developed and implemented customized solutions that have helped our clients become more self-sufficient and sustainable, while also promoting their cultural heritage and national identity.


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Join Our Efforts in Indigenisation

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